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May 12, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

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Almost exactly 14 years ago, I wrote a special letter to the love of my life. A memory that I will hold deep and well protected in my heart for the rest of my life. Something that will remain. A spark that can never go out as long as I remember. And that goes for every person I have sincerely loved in my life so far.

Man is the architect of his own fortune, as the saying goes, and I feel the same way about memories. So I have kept almost every little memento of other people if they had a meaning for me. It doesn’t happen often, but every few years I dig out one or the other box of memories and am curious to see what wonderful things I find. Because even if I have forgotten details, the memories are never completely gone and are immediately present again as if it was only yesterday, as soon as I look at these mementos.

Unfortunately, I never really kept a diary, at most on a few days, especially when I had to get intense emotions off my chest. However, I can consider myself lucky that I am a child of the digital age and have had a computer since I was very young. So today I have a collection of old texts from my youth, even if unfortunately not everything has been preserved.

The following text is also part of a larger series of texts that I wrote for a very special person. Until today, almost no one knew this text, except the two of us. But today I would like to dedicate it to another person, namely myself and every other lovable being in this universe, so that we remember again what it means to truly love.

By the way, I was inspired by “our” song called “Sky and Sand” by Paul Kalkbrenner. There is a beautiful orchestral version of it. So feel free to listen to it while you read the text ♥.

Never forget the miracle we have been given;

the miracle of living, feeling and thinking. The miracle that brought us the gift of finding each other so that we can cry and be happy together. And think of all the miracles this life will still bring us. Miracles that will probably surpass anything else we have experienced so far.

Let us discover this world together and let us experience what else it has to offer.

Show me your worlds, the beautiful ones as well as the dark ones, and I am ready to try to show you my almost infinite worlds.

Let us make this world, just for us, completely new, beautiful and colourful again. Let’s create a world that only we understand, in which the possibilities are unlimited and in which we can do everything imaginable that comes to mind. And there shall be nothing wrong, only right.

The day when we will be completely united with the universe, when we will understand infinity again and when we can finally grasp our perfect love in its entirety, when words and thoughts have become void and only our spirit exists, united with infinity, will be the day that seals our love forever.

The universe is in constant, infinite motion and only the day it stops will be the day I stop loving you.

But, when the universe reaches its crescendo, ceases to exist and perhaps everything begins anew, we will find each other again and discover this world once more.

I love you ♥


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