Memoiren einer Seele

Memoirs of a Soul

May 12, 2023 | Blog | 0 comments

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If he could claim one thing, it was that he had experienced true love. So many people are searching for it and so few ever really experience it, he thought. He could consider himself one of the luckiest people in the world. But he let his true love go. And even if she was now gone forever, he had experienced her and he thought to himself, "that is the highest and most beautiful thing a human being can experience". That is why he never asked for more. That is why he wanted to go his way now, not complain and be happy with the thought that he was allowed to experience true love. He experienced so much negativity in life and yet only one thing gave him the strength to see past all that and be happy, something positive in his life that was able to erase all the negativity. What else but true love could do such a thing? The pure gratitude towards her did that in him. It was perhaps the fact that he knew there was something that really fulfilled him and still secretly did.
Leonie Seifert, Memoiren einer Seele (not published yet), 2022

What does “true love” mean anyway?

When you experience true love, it no longer matters if you are with that one particular person, it doesn’t matter to know that that person is currently with someone else, having fun with them, kissing them or sleeping with them.

In true love, none of that matters. True love is unconditional and selfless through and through. True love is more than kisses and caresses. True love” is also just a word, but what I am talking about is precisely this true love that takes place on another level, that takes place in mutual recognition, experiencing something real, true and feeling, consciously or unconsciously, that this deep connection exists.

You just feel it when you experience true love and then you just have to listen to your heart to do the right thing. Perhaps you only become aware of it when you are separated from it and realise how, despite distance and lack of contact, it does not disappear, but possibly even grows; when you learn to practise infinite patience in order to wait for it, true love, despite the knowledge that it may never return; when you realise that nothing else can give you what it has given you, because you have already reached the highest, precisely true love.

It is something absolute and endless. Once you have experienced it, you can never get rid of it. The most you can do is lie to yourself and deny that you have actually experienced it, if you have not yet come to the realisation that it is not something material that you have to hold on to in order to keep it and therefore suppress it because you believe you have lost it. But this deep connection can bridge any distance.

Of course he longed to be near her, wanted to talk to her, and experience every one of her little idiosyncrasies, each of which he loved so much. He wanted to experience new things together with her, to experience sorrow and bliss with her. 
Of course, he did not want to be alone. But he had been alone all his life so far and at least he was allowed to experience the opposite for a year. Because he knew that some people are alone their whole lives, he was still grateful. That's why he shouldn't be completely alone his whole future, at least through this memory. And he wanted to enjoy every meeting with her, no matter how brief, as much as possible, so at least then he wouldn't be alone.
Leonie Seifert, Memoiren einer Seele (not published yet), 2022

Something Remains … True Love!


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