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Feb 6, 2022 | Blog, Inspiration | 0 comments

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Hey dear ones ♥

It’s finally time for me to continue my blog, because a lot has really happened in the meantime. Since my official outing, you could follow part of my career occasionally via social networks like Facebook and Instagram, but that’s just not the same. Besides, there are still so many things to tell. For example, how the whole thing started here in the first place, so when and where, according to my memory, the ball started rolling and triggered a rule-rich chain reaction, through which ultimately one thing led to another.

It all started almost 4 years ago when I discovered one of my absolute favorite artists, Faber. I don’t know if it was also the first song I heard by him, but I’m guessing it was. I celebrated the song so much, danced like crazy to it, was like in a trance, started to cry, yet was totally energetic and happy at the same time, without knowing why, without even consciously understanding what this, actually incredibly sad and almost felt cynical, song is about. It began quite minimalist with a simple guitar accompaniment. The song lyrics, downright upsetting and humiliating, the vocals, depressed, pleading, and then, the first part of the chorus:

“Then when you’re down
You know where you belong”

“What the fuck! Asshole!”, you should think here, but no, because here also at the same time the trombone starts, melodic basses sound, it becomes really rhythmic, makes courage, makes fun, encourages to celebrate this word so right.

At this point I did not know the music video, which gave the song again a direction and a lot of meaning, especially for me personally. It did not take long until I saw the video and everything that the song was not able to trigger in me before, happened at the latest then, the stone finally started rolling.

I did not know at that time what was happening, what the song triggered in me, what it meant exactly for me. I only knew one thing, for some reason I felt liberated by this song, as if a huge burden had fallen from me. It gave me the feeling that I’m good the way I am, that I’m allowed to stand by myself, that everything is good, that everything will be okay.

All the best!

Your Leonie ♥


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